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Does God Like… to Paint?

As the authors of ConceptMastery, we would like to introduce our new e-book…


Does God Like... to Paint? Cover

Does God Like… to Paint?

by Branyon May and Alana May

Synopsis: Finger painting, watercolor, oil painting, and even paint-by-number can stimulate creativity and imagination. Hold a pencil, marker, brush, or lump of clay in your hands and you can create all manners of characters, creatures, and creations. Does God Like… to Paint? is designed to compare the common tasks of Drawing, Coloring, Painting, and Sculpting, with the creativeness of God. As Creator, He demonstrates not only His purposeful design and functional order in the Universe, but His creativity and imagination.

The following images are included in the book: Aurora Borealis, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Crab Nebula, Tarantula Nebula, Helix Nebula, and Whirlpool Galaxy

Our personal test-case:
We have used this book as a curriculum resource in our homeschooling. Our 1st grader loved reading through each section and discussing the Art, Bible and Science topics. We incorporated student activities to demonstrate some of the creative aspects in art and design. We hope to put together a set of lesson plans as an accompaniment to the book.

However, don’t neglect the free investigation and learning that this book offers for a variety of reader abilities and interests. The images in the e-book are high resolution so your child can zoom (by pinching) and pan around each image. It looks beautiful on our iPad and Android tablet (available through the Kindle app on any device).

The image and links above will direct you to Amazon.com (using our affiliate link) where you can purchase the e-book.