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ConceptMastery.com is designed as an education resource for students and learners to practice concepts that they may find difficult. The goal is to provide some brief tutoring and a practice arena so that the Learner can achieve Mastery one Concept at a time.

About the Authors
This site is overseen by two astrophysicist parents, Branyon and Alana May, seeking to develop a functional resource for use in homeschooling environments and similar curriculum (especially our own endeavors in this field). To the extent that it can grow and gain a place of usefulness in your studies, we will be pleased.

Video Resources: Several FREE video lessons are available on Astronomy topics, which complement the premium curriculum packages below. The video program is titled, Beyond the Stars, and is produced by World Video Bible School.

Premium Curriculum Resources
We have also produced a series of Astronomy unit lessons useful for teaching 2nd through 7th graders a Bible-based, design view of the Universe.