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Backyard Astronomy Class

Welcome to the Hill Country Backyard Astronomy Class

Reasons why astronomy education is important:

  1. It’s a lifelong tool that children will use. Having an understanding of the heavens will be something they appreciate throughout their lives.
  2. Astronomy encourages kids to get outside. Having an understanding of the stars will encourage kids to get outdoors and look up as they gain confidence in their knowledge of the motions and placement of celestial bodies.
  3. It is a hobby that the entire family can do and enjoy together. Classical astronomy doesn’t require specialized tools or instruments. Families can simply enjoy together time, gazing at the stars.
  4. It is cross-curricular. There are innumerable references to astronomy in literature, history, and the Bible, to name a few. Having an understanding of the heavens will help to deepen an appreciation in these other areas, too.
  5. Astronomy is fun and a great way to get kids excited about science! Kids can hardly get enough of hearing about black holes, exoplanets, stars, and the Solar System. Astronomy is a great “springboard” for them to delve deeper into more science and math concepts.

New Class Starting!

Starting January 10, 2020, we will begin an exciting 6-week session. This is a great opportunity for your child(ren) in grades 3-8 to gain a deeper appreciation for the masterfully designed Universe and foster their love for astronomy.

  • The class will meet each Friday starting on January 10, 2020 @ 1:30 pm with the last class on February 14. Classes will be held at my home in Kyle. (Details will be given after registration.)
  • Each class will be approximately 1 hour long.
  • Classes are geared towards 3-8 grade students.
  • During each class, the students will hear an informative lesson about the cosmos and afterwards will get to apply the information with a hands-on activity or telescope time.
  • Tuition for the 6-week session is $60 per student.
  • The classes during this session will focus on how telescopes work, our solar system, stars, galaxies, and other deep space objects.
  • A tentative schedule is below:
January 10 Exploration: How do telescopes work?
January 17 Our Solar System: The Terrestrial Planets
January 24 Our Solar System: The Gas Giants
January 31 Our Solar System: The Sun and Moon
February 7 Our Universe: The Stars
February 14 Our Universe: Galaxies, Black Holes and Exoplanets

To guarantee your spot, please register using the form below.  After you have registered, you will be added to the class Facebook group where there will be more detailed information provided. Payment is due by the first day of class.

Click here to register: https://forms.gle/x56zRbWDepbwJxtD7

About Hill Country Backyard Astronomy: Hill Country Backyard Astronomy was started by Alana and Branyon May, who are excited to bring their expertise and love for God’s creation to their community. They both have graduate degrees in astrophysics and have over a decade of astronomy education experience.